Bio ... What Bio? ... the Whiners Bio

Our stuff combines a mix of happy/sad life experiences (our own and others - maybe yours too). We call it "whinersmusic".

The Whiners family:

  • KEITH (vox, guitars, tape effects & songwriter)
  • Jamie Manov (vox, keys, bass guitar, guitars & songwriter)

Guest Whiners:

  • Shannon Morton (vox & guitar)
  • David Marshall Green (vox, lead guitars, bass & songwriter)

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The Whiners: Dave, Jamie, Shannon and KEITH

We're a wee bit aggresive-trad-folk-rock sounding. Perhaps: "alt-punk-new-folk-rock"? Ah, WTF, we don't really know - that's why we call it "whinersmusic".

  • KEITH is currently the most active Whiner and is, in fact, leader of the band. KEITH uses what he calls "the Band in a Box" for harmony and effects generation when playing all on his lonesome - he got really motivated by watching KT Tunstall and her "wee little bastard" pedal. He's kind of quirky and writes social commentary songs with an edge of funny to them.

  • Jamie is fearless ... the glue that holds our arrangements together. He's a versitile dude who plays rhythm & lead guitar including slide lead parts, plays bass and brings the bottom end vocals. He tends to write the ballads for the band.

  • Shannon is simply fab and, when she guests and we do covers, she is the one who brings the awesome.

  • Dave can play like Dave Gilmour (and many others actually) and we love that. So, we can sound pretty electric and dirty when he guests with us. He also writes original material bringing new material and a legacy of songs from his gigs in the 80's with his former band The Mix.

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