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The Whiners: Dave, Jamie, Shannon and KEITH

History of The Whiners:

The Whiners began in May 1998 with KEITH's guitar teacher getting the lad "out there" and his feet wet. (The guitar sensi master wishes to remain nameless and we wil respect his wishes).

A v.2.0 Whiners (Dave, Jamie, Shannon & KEITH) formed in September 2005 for a United Way Ontario kick off and to further carry on the annual Whiners Variety Night shows (running to the end of 2008). Jamie & KEITH became a v.3.0 Whiners in 2009.

2010 sees Jamie & KEITH focusing on long delayed Whiner recordings. You can read all about these at: reverbnation.com/thehwhiners. Shannon & Dave are expected to guest if possible (on the first or second release depending on availability). We can confirm Dave is on two tracks.


All the v.2.0 members played with the v.1.0 duo as guests at the third annual Whiners variety Night in December 2004.

Jamie & KEITH, Dave & KEITH, shannon & KEITH plus Dave, Jamie, Shannon & KEITH all have appeared as Whiners at one time or another.

Other guests have sat in with KEITH - including Brett Boyko, Ed Lee, Jeff Currie, Pat Clancy, Henry Teitlman and Shelly Davine. KEITH also gigs solo and works with Bojan Milo, Roger Beckett and Gary Duke as The WC Wranglers re:Band - and with Ed Lee as The Mayberries.

But I guess we could say 2010 is the new beginning and we'll start to track The Whiners as Jamie & KEITH from here on in.