Band in a Box ... What Band in a Box?

KEITH's Band in a Box

On the lightness of being with pedals

I'm fond of using a lot of pedals with my acoustics.

Why? Well, people do ask me why ... especially the "purists" ... those who like the beauty of the acoustic guitar unamped. But I like it AMPED!

I like the variety of sounds and tone you can get with effects. I've gone through probably two hundred or so effects to find what I'm looking for and I've found it - more or less.

Shots of KEITH's pedals for the electric guitar
KEITH's old electric rig featuring among other items:
the Jangle Box, a modified Boss CS-3 compressor, ZOOM G1 EFX
and DigiTech VL2 harmony unit

The master of effects, as far as I'm concerned, is David Gilmour. Virtually every pedal he's used, I've tried. All are really great though not all work well for me. I started with his stuff since I like his tone so much. I was really glad to see, as well, that he uses an acoustic in much the same way I do (from time to time in his case).

Check out his Meltdown Concert "David Gilmour in Concert" DVD acoustic shows and you'll hear all kinds of range and tone coming from his acoustics - he's using his same pedal array as for his electrics. So, if it's alright for Mr. G ... then I think it surely will do for me.

I've updated to be current as of January 1, 2010 and hope to add a video of the set up this year.

Full gear &
the Band in a Box set up