Set ... What set? ... another KEITH set

KEITH @ Melanie Joy songwriter series night Feb 9, 2008

KEITH set at the Free Times Café
February 9, 2008

Set List:

The Free Times set will roll out in order for your listening pleasure.

Brother Under the Bridge
Just the way That
Whiners Lament (solo version)
Bleed Blue
Isabell Grace
Jodi (What do you want to do?)
Dream of you Tonight

Hey Dudes and Dudettes ... the music file ... it's a big one of the full February 9 set will download automatically when using the player (if you have FLASH that is) but you may have to wait just a few moments.
Note on the download: All songs written by Keith McDonald c. 2008. This is an audience recording of the show so quality is not outstanding.
The DigiTech VL 4 is featured in this set providing harmony to KEITH's vocals. Do they sound real enough to you? You can comment on The Whiners Wiki.


A short video clip of Bleed Blue shot by Henry Teitleman on his mini digital camera. KEITH kind of likes the "old style" super 8 movie effect on this and the angle as well. Henry also shot the other video clips from the show posted at YouTube and other places ... thanks Henry!

Oh yeah, don't forget you can pause the audio track of the show at the music player at the top of this page. Don't want you to get Whiner overload.