Gear ... What gear? ...  Whiners gear



Acoustics ...

  • Gibson Sheryl Crow Signature Country and Western
  • Gibson Hank Williams Jr. Signature Southern Jumbo
  • Gibson J-200
  • Gibson J-160E
  • Yamaha silent guitar

Electrics ...

  • Series "A" hollow body (in neat cherry red)
  • Gibson SG (1988 special with jack at bottom)
  • Gibson/Baldwin Education SG (cheap but cool)
  • Gibson/Baldwin Education LP (also cheap but cool - currently on loan)
  • Danelectro reissue D59 DC (Jamie uses this for slide)
  • Danelectro Dead On '67 reissue
  • Hofner violin-shape guitar
  • Fender Telecaster (green finish like Sheyrl Crow used to use)
  • Fender Strat (the "go to" instrument)
  • Fender Squire Venus (bought form a former student and a charm to play)
  • Vintage "Zip" (in cool grey glitter)
  • Epiphone Les Paul Pee Wee (for taking on plane travel)
  • Rickenbaker 450 (modified with Gibson P100 as neck pick up)
  • Rickenbaker 4001s bass
  • ElDegas bass (Paul McCartney knock off)
  • Pink "First Act" electric (ridiculously cheap but way cool)

PLUS ...

DigiTech VL 2 / VL 4 harmonizers with a TC Helicon Harmony G and two Fender Champ amps and a HealthKit "build your own tube amp" from the late 1940's my Dad had built.

The other Whiners:

Both Dave and Jamie use Fenders and Yamaha.

Dave is the strat king and Jamie has a fretless - for gigs, though, Jamie usually brings his Yamaha or perhaps his new (as of late 2009) short scale bass and/or Epi bass. This is the Epiphone SG bass (think Jack Bruce-like). Sometimes, he'll use KEITH's Rickenbaker 4001s (Paul McCartney) bass. Dave also uses a Yamaha acoustic and a BOSS all-in-one effects unit. KEITH will have to get the model number off of him to list it some day.

Dave has a Traynor tube amp he'll haul out for live gigs to give him some of that electric snap we so love. Dave also has a few other odds and ends acoustics and electrics including a Fender 12 string electric and a Dan Electro long scale number. Actually, Dave has a whole whack of gear too, so KEITH shouldn't feel so alone.

KEITH provides a Mackie 1642 VLZ 3 mixer for the road and we use SM 58 mics (didn't like the Beta versions of these so we are tried and true of the original SM 58s).

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