Jamie & Naomi ... a Jamie shout out:

"Beti" - words & music by Jamie

Jamie and Naomi Manov Unlike many of the clandestine PR approaches of the 1960's as they pertain to rock 'n roll (or alt-folk) groups, I am taking a moment to unabashedly promote my happiness regarding my recent wedding to my soul mate Naomi. Our special day was simply wonderful. It proved to be a relaxed, communal affair full of love, good cheer and plenty of snow and Canadian geese. Both Naomi and I did not want to make the day solely about us and our union. Rather, we wanted to celebrate the beauty and talent of all of our friends and family and I believe we achieved that goal in spades.

A special, deeply heart-felt thank you must be extended to our own KEITH Whiner, who gave so much of his time, energy and equipment to ensure that the entertainment portion of the day was a great success. Braving the elements and the suspect driving of many a Formula One wannabe, KEITH provided his board, mikes and instruments (including a guitar for yours truly), and provided sound-sound advice and checks.

KEITH, my dear friend, I cannot begin to express my gratitude for all that you did and all that you are! I am deeply indebted to you and I hope that in the days, weeks, months and years to come, I can repay your kindness in kind and beyond through our music and camaraderie. I love you.

To all of our friends and "mango scruffs" I love you too and I'm so glad that we could all share a magical time together. Be healthy and happy and may the music continue to live within us all forever.


  ...  KEITH responds: "Ah shucks ... my pleasure and happy blissful times for you both."

This bit of Whiner intimacy is provided to the Whiner world in hopes for peace and love and prosperity for us all.