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Jamiie, Shannon, Dave and KEITH

Our favourite pics ...

Shannon singing and playing guitar

From Variety Night 5 ... Shannon had a longer set, playing guitar as well!



Whiner ''Floyds'' doing Comfortably Numb

The Whiners playing Comfortably Numb. Now, that's a favourite song for sure but in 2006 we added a light show and dry ice (separate shows). Where do we go from that?


Whiner ''Beatles'' promo shot with Beatle hair ''photoshopped'' into picture

The Whiners playing the Beatles and our doctored promo shot. We did this for the 2005 Variety Night.

And some choice Whiner THUMBS ...

The Whiners brand - written on the guitar strap  Jamie and KEITH on Reasons for Waiting  Shannon and KEITH sing Picture
Shannon in deep thought  The Whiners: KEITH, Shannon, Jamie and Dave  Dave from United Way gig
  Jamie from United Way gig  KEITH from Opera House gig

Some newer shots 2009 - 2010:
The WC Wranglers re:Band rides again:

The WC Wranglers re:Band

KEITH played with Roger Beckett, Bojan Milo and Gary Duke (not shown in photo)
again this year. The gig comes about as a result of a day job thing butit's way fun.
They've been invited back for next year.
KEITH with Gary Duke in background on drums
KEITH with Gary Duke in background on drums
The WC Wranglers acoustic set
The band play an acoustic set as folks arrive to the party.

Whiners Free Times "Pre-Halloween Show" Shots:

Shannon & KEITH
KEITH in a ghost like state
Shannon & KEITH
Jamie & KEITH hit the stage

Whiners FInal Variety NIght (year 7) - quick pics:

Shannon & KEITH
Shannon & KEITH
Jamie & KEITH
Jamie & KEITH
Dave & KEITH
Dave & KEITH

See some Whiners Variety Night year 6 pics