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KEITH at Free Times Cafe February 9, 2008

A video snap of KEITH from Feb 9th show - a solo return to the Free Times Café.

This time out minus most of the gear :D)

Slide show of KEITH at Cafe Taste - with shot of Lesley Young band as well

KEITH @ The Café Taste show November 8, 2007

We didn't get a shot of Shannon and KEITH together unfortunately

Lesley Young hosted the night.

KEITH with Jeff Currie

March 7 Fat Albert's "In business Since 1957" tour kick off. KEITH with Jeff Currie ... kicking off the set with "Fat Middle Aged Men".

The shot is from the hopeless video coverage of the show. Shannon also guested and we had a little help from Whiner posse member, Derek Matthew, on "Some Do / Some Don't".

Shots from December 2006 Whiners Variety Night 5
first half



Shannon had a longer set this year ... due to popular demand!

Shannon on guitar

We also got Shannon to play guitar this year. Here she gets ready to perform "Dogs and Thunder".

Give-a-way of the night #2 ... Sheryl Crow Wildflower

Getting into character for the song "Picture", we give-a-way a copy of the Sheryl Crow CD: "Wildflower".

Dave gets ready to perform ''New Orleans''

Dave gets ready to perform "New Orleans"

Jamie and KEITH get ''Limin'''

Jamie and KEITH on the Jamie original: "Limin' With You"

Special guest Pat Clancy on ''Paradise''

Special guest Pat Clancy on "Paradise"

KEITH as ''Ed'' opens the show

KEITH as ''Ed'' opens the show

Gallery 2 has photos from our second set.