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You may experience some delay in seeing images on this site. Sorry ... this is a Whiner Variety Night 2006 montage.


Whiners perform ''Comfortabley Numb'' to wind up the 2006 Variety Night show. All these pics come from the DVD of the show. Thanks to Larry Kline and Derek Matthew for videography.


KEITH, Jamie and Shannon on ''For No One'

KEITH, Jamie (cut off at front of pic) and Shannon kick off the second set with the Beatles' tribute and "For No One".



Jamie as ''John'' on ''I'm Only Sleeping

Jamie as ''John'' on ''I'm Only Sleeping''


KEITH, Jamie and Dave on ''Paperback Writer''

KEITH, Jamie and Dave on "Paperback Writer''. The echo machine worked well on this as it did for Hello (hello ... hello ... hello) on ''Comfortably Numb''