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Whiners band at Free Times Cafe year 6, December 4, 2007

The Whiners Variety Night year 6.


Jamie and Shannon

A fantastic shot of Jamie and Shannon. Here Shannon is explaining about leaky taps in basement apartments.


Shannon and KEITH do a give-a-way

A "trailer-trash" give-a-way featuring the new Britney.

Sorry Britney but you had a tough year!

This prefaced the song "Picture" - a hurtin' song if there ever was one.


the gear!

Here is a shot of the Whiners gear!

Why all the stuff?

We went electric, acoustic with bass and had to do a few changes to give the sound we wanted.


KEITH sings

KEITH is into the moment here ... you've got to suck it all in while it's happening 'cause the show is over before you know it!Thanks to Derek and Don for these shots

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