Sheryl Crow and Chris Issak

Ah yes, Sheryl Crow and Chris Issak.  They are not an item (though  maybe that would work) but rather high on the list of Whiner influences. 

Perhaps I should say KEITH influences.

Sheryl Crow:

I think maybe she is the little sister I never had.  For some reason, her songs just speak to me.  Subject matter, turn of a phrase, sound and arrangements all come together in a special place in my head.

Attendees of the Variety Night shows are aware of the "Sheryl Crow moment" where Shannon and I cover a couple of Sheryl songs.  I've long given up trying to explain to audiences why I like her so much - they always think it's a sexual thing anyway.

Let's just say that beyond any visual appeal, there's a lot of good things. 

The lyric from her song "Good is Good" really captures how I felt when Whiners v.1.0 was going down:

Good is good and bad is bad
You don't know which one you had ...

All your friends are gone
You thought were so worth keeping
You feel you don't belong
neither do I

I think we'd have a lot to talk about she and I. 

For a take on meeting Sheryl Crow you can read about my song Better Days Ahead (number 1 fans).  I updated this in March 2008 with a nicer chorus I think. Both versions play automatically on this page with the old "disturbed mix" playing first.

Here is a link to the Sheryl Crow web page. Sheryl Crow button

Chris Issak:

Oh, yeah Chris Issak is great too.

Loved his TV show and why, why, why isn't it on DVD? 

His sound and group tone (especially the guitars) is what makes him rock.  Love the fact he is also into Gibsons.  Really want to see him live one day. 

Come to Toronto soon will 'ya.

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